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In 2013 I got divorced.  I only tell you this because I went through my Match.hell dating phase in which I was prompted to write an advertisement for myself.   The sites call these missives "profiles" and those of us seeking a love-mulligan are  encouraged to "sell" ourselves to others who have been kicked to the curb (or to those who wore the boots.)  If I got past the selfie-in-the-bathroom mirror, I would read these self-descriptions wondering, if this person was so wonderful, romantic, adventurous, unselfish, fill-in-the-blank, why is there an ex  who went to great lengths to get him/her out of their life?  I came to the conclusion that a profile of greater veracity  should be written by the ex-spouse.  Well, at least the right to fact-check.

So, I start out my "About Me" with this insight.  It is me through my eyes. It is my truth through my experience.  It is my opinion through my filter.

I am a mother of three adult kids who inspire my writing.  I am the daughter of a brilliant mathematician who speaks English with perfect grammar and an Air Force Colonel.  I am the sibling to four brothers and two sisters.  I am an Aunt.  I am a woman loved by a very good man.  I spent twenty years as a writer, producer, and news journalist with the Christian Broadcasting Network.  Today I am a Realtor.

This blog is written for my children.  If others read it and find some truth, inspiration, or enlightenment it is a bonus.  Since most of my writing is inspired by my love for Jordan, Lindsay, and Christian it is important to me that they one day know that.  There will come a day when I'm not here. There will come a day when their lives slow down and reflection will matter to them.  I want them to know who their mother was.  And who they were to their mother.

A sub-set of my writing centers on my faith.  My concrete and fluid faith; my impermeable and shaky set of beliefs.  The God at  the center of everything I am and too often shoved to the edges; my once sure thing, my more recent rediscovery.  It has made me at once a leader and an outlier; a voice of hope and, at times, a heretic to those who see differently.

It's OK.  Read on.  If I am blessed to hear from you, I receive your words with the same grace given me.

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