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Just Wait

When my kids were babies/toddlers (and the joy came easy) well-meaning older parents would say to me ominously "Just wait..." Just wait? Just wait until they hit middle school and hormones. Just wait until they become teenagers and trouble. Just wait until they are adults and disappoint you.

They were right. At least on the waiting part...

Just wait. Just wait until they are old enough to make you laugh with their ...own brand of sophisticated humor. Just wait until you get the surprise phone call because something great has happened and you are the first one they want to tell. Just wait until their idea is better than yours. Just wait until they solve a problem you can't. Just wait until they have tickets to a concert and they want you to go with them. Just wait until they tell you that watching Shark Tank is not complete unless you are with them. Just wait until you come home and they are there - just because they haven't seen you in a while. Just wait until they can make their own decisions but they choose to hear your opinion first. Just wait until you get the random text just to say "I love you." Just wait until they can imitate you in the most perfect way because they know you best and you can laugh with them.

Just wait until they don't need you but want you.

Christian is the last of my "just waits" and today he turns 22. Born happy, he is a combination of Jordan Chiero and Lindsay Chiero - he has the strength and stubborness of his brother and the compassion and sensitivity of his sister. He is my business-buddy, always one to to think through a good business idea with me. He is my "fixer" - he doesn't give up until the problem is solved. He is his brother's best friend, his sister's protector.

Today he is celebrated by all of us. Happy Birthday Kiff. You are so loved and proof that the best is yet to come.

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