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How a 78-year-old Homeowner created a sensation by being, well, Sue.

I recently posted the story of "Sue." (Not her real name.) Sue was a client of mine. She listed her home and, typical of the current market in Central Ohio, she received multiple offers. Completely UN-typical was Sue's response: she chose an offer which 'netted' her less money in order to make the dream of homeownership come true for a young couple. What would you do?

Greedy homeowners? Let me tell you about "Sue." She's 78. She's moving to a retirement center. I listed her modest home and it received 22 offers. The highest offered price was $46,000 over our list price. It was cash. A sure thing. Money coming from the deep pockets of an investor. The offer she chose was a good one but "netted" her $13,000 less. It was presented by a young couple on their 6th try at finding a home. "I'm 78." she said. "They need a home more than I need the money." I like Sue. Don't you?


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