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Don't Kiss Girls and other ignored advice

When he was born the nurse at St. Anne's hospital walked to my bedside and asked "Do you want me to take him out so you can sleep?" "No, I said, just keep him here by my side." That's how we started 26 years ago today. And he's still by my side.

Christian Chiero "Kiff" - you know my love for you. Never have you left my presence without an "I love you" (and don't text and drive, wear a seatbelt, lock your front door, keep blankets in the trunk, and don't kiss girls...) and never will you. I will be with you when I'm not, I will talk when you ask, I will listen when you are ready. I will consider you a winner when life doesn't, I will give you opportunity when it's in my hands, I will let you go because life insists.

Happy Birthday my sweet boy. Your best is yet to come.


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