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I'm an acquired taste. A taste not generally acquired by men.

I got divorced in 2013. Being a very public Christian many in the Christian public felt the right (even the obligation…) to share their opinions of my very private decision. I remember one in particular. A well-meaning (aren’t they all?) friend told me that if I made this decision I would be “walking out on the call of God on my life.” Now, for some of you who don’t walk in any kind of religious world view, or my particular religious world view, that might seem like a benign statement. For me it was a knife in my heart, a dagger that would send me crumpling to the fetal position were it true.

Fortunately I knew my God better. I knew He knew my heart. I knew HIS heart. I knew He was a God of mulligans. I knew that scripture was replete with second chances. Heck, Jesus is humanity’s second chance. What I didn’t know was how wildly He would exceed my expectations. I would have been satisfied with health, a few grandkids, and a few more good books.

He gave me Mike.

I didn’t expect a 2nd chance at marriage. I felt that was the one area God knew better. God knew that I was an acquired taste and not one generally acquired by men. I am strong willed and stubborn. I never learned to dance because I couldn’t stop leading. I might let you drive but have trouble not telling you where to go. I’m a Margaret Thatcher-type. Denis Thatcher when asked who wore the pants in his family said “I do. I also wash and iron them.” I love that. What man wants that?

God gave me Mike.

He gave me a man who knows how to fly a kite. The man who can fly a kite loves the beauty of the kite free in the wind. He doesn’t mind that the kite makes him run to keep up and that the kite gets all the attention. He doesn’t mind being in the background while eyes from the ground focus on the kite. He doesn’t mind that the kite gets tangled occasionally and strays further from the ground than it should. Why? Because he knows that he holds the string. He knows that while the kite seems independent and self-directing, strong willed and fearless, it is he who has the power to direct and guide and protect. He knows that the kite doesn’t leave the ground without the skillful hand of the kite holder finding the wind. He knows that he controls when that kite comes home. And always, that kite goes home with him.

Today we celebrate 5 years in this second chance. (At our age we count in dog years. It's 35.)

Mike, I love you more in year 5 than I did in year one. You have filled the cracks and loved the wounds. Not only did I not walk out God’s call on my life, God brought you to walk it out together.


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