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There's a new Realtor in the family.

August 16, 2022 Happy Birthday Christian Chiero.

Meet my son Christian. Today he turns 28 and he starts a new career as a Realtor®. For those who may ask: he is not joining The Kathy Chiero Group nor even Keller Williams. Why? Because after much discussion and with my encouragement Christian has decided he wants to build his brand as far from his Mom as possible. He wants to grow his business his way and he never wants it perceived that he eats cake because he benefits from the crumbs from his Mom’s table.

I love that about him. I admire that. And I’m excited to watch what he does differently and better. I’m thrilled he has access to tools and technology that I’m too old to learn and that he is surrounded by a group of the brightest lights in our industry’s future.

Questions at odd hours? He is the one Agent who will get a text answered at 2:00 a.m. While he wants to make his own cake - he knows I have a few tried and true recipes - and they are his for the asking. He knows that.

Happy Birthday, Kiff. Now go to work.


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